Lust 3: Day 10

Yeah, so today like always the word count is 600 words. This is day one of chapter 4 which also means focusing on the introduction/launch.  My total word count is supposed to be 6,000/70,000.

I’m happy to say that I smashed it today with a word count of 1,001 which means the middle and ending of the chapters can be short which I feel will keep the reader turning the pages.

Chapter 4 is narrated by David Bostick. He is one of the more reserved members of the Manan’s friends. He is somewhat of a coward, but he always faces his fears with a certain creative approach.  Other than Shantel, he is trained in both unarmed and armed combat.  He isn’t much of leader and prefers being part of the background.  Alhtough he does like being acknowledge. His personality is inspired by his need to survive and he’s afraid of rejection which is what causes him to help in situtations beyond his control becasue he doens’t want to look weak or let anyone down.

This chapter is about his reaction to Alex’s revelation and shows his willingness to face his fears.

So two more days for chapter 4 and I only need 600 more words. The chapter when it’s completed, will be posted on my Wattpad site.

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