DeMarcus Cousins Still Has No Offer

I don’t think most fans and analyst are surprised that DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins is still on the market. Last year around this time the Golden State Warriors were the only team that made him an offer. One that most of us assumed would land Golden State another championship by adding an all-star center who can shoot the three.

Boogie also wanted to prove the league wrong for not offering him a contract. After all he spent the 2017-18 recovering from injury. So why are teams not offering him a contract.  Adrian Wojnarowski reported that not even a veteran mid level exception has been offered.

Although Boogie has matured through the years. The old saying about first impressions rings true. Boogie has a history of being a “bad boy” not listening to coaches, drawing technical fouls, and just being downright disrespectful. His move to New Orleans saw him continue to mature however as he and Anthony Davis turn the franchise into a playoff team.

It’s a shame for Boogie that the league doesn’t see his talent and is scared by his past transgressions and now injury history. A team like the Sixers could use him as a backup center to Embiid, especially if they pick him up for cheap. Which seems to be the case. I think the thing that really makes everyone not want to sign him is that Golden State as of now haven’t given him an offer.

Boogie took the mid-level contract last year to prove himself, but spent most of 2018-19 injured. He only returned during the Finals and had one great game. He also almost helped Golden State to force a game 7. However in game 3 after his game 2 performance, he was nowhere to be seen. Boogie is older, but still has some in the tank.

Will Boogie go down the same road as Carmelo? Will he go play overseas. Will he be willing to come off the bench? Boogie is going to have to start selling himself and we will see if anyone takes the chance.

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