The Dominos start to fall

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Well it’s been a busy few hours after free agency started yesterday at 6pm. The biggest news was Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving both confirming to sign with the Brooklyn Nets.

The Philadelphia Sixers offer Tobias Harris a five year deal which means Jimmy Butler isn’t in there plans. They are now finalizing a deal with Al Horford for four year, 109 million deal as reported by Adrian Wojnarowski.

Since they are losing Durant the Warriors are reportedly going to acquire DeAngelo Russell services. This will help with not only losing Kevin Durant, but the loss of Klay Thompson due to injury.

Apparently Jimmy Butler will be finalizing a deal with the Miami Heat. Andre Iguodala is reportedly being traded to the Grizzlies.

The Milwaukee Bucks are going to be resigning Brook Lopez who has revamp his career by becoming a stretch five and hitting threes.  His deal will be a four year, 52 million dollar contract. Not bad for a center with 11 years and an injury history.  This was confirmed by Matt Velasquez of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.



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