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NBA free agency starts today and the biggest names seem like they will be moving on. Lets look at the possible directions.

Kawhi Leonard to LA? I hope not. Unless he’s going to the Clippers. ESPN’s Stephen Smith is reporting that the Lakers want Kawhi. I agree with Jay Williams in that if Kawhi goes to the Lakers it is a weak move. Another superteazm is not what the league needs.I hope Kawhi goes to the Clippers or stay in Toronto. Or…Philadelpha. However Kawhi is going to do what’s best for him. Lets hope that what is best for him is going anywhere but the Lakers.

Kyrie Irving is the Lakers second pick, again according to Stephen Smith. I don’t see him wanting to play with LeBron again. Even with a weak leadership season with the Celtics, there is no denying his skills as one of the top five point guards. I agree with everyone else and see him in Brooklyn or with the Knicks. He wouldn’t have other quality rising starts which was the case in Boston. 

Kevin Durant. I think his decision is going to be based on Kawhi. If Kawhi goes to the Lakers, you best believe Kevin is staying in Golden State. If Kawhi goes anywhere but the Lakers, then Kevin is leaving for New York or Brooklyn. I feel that helps balance the league. 

Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris: Not too much is being heard about them. It’s being reported by that the Rockets are interested in trading players in hopes of bringing Butler, who is friends with James Harden and lives near Houston. The Sixers need another piece, a shooter, but if Jimmy leaves they will need more than that. I think you will see the Sixers resign one or the other and try to land another free agent that can score and play defense while also deepening their bench.

Kemba Walker from the Charlotte Hornets seems most likely to sign with the Celtics according to NBA.Com and I think it could work out better than Kyrie. Kemba seems to be more team oriented with his leadership style while Kyrie is more ball dominant. Time will tell.

There is nothing the league can do to stop super teams, but again hopefully Kawhi doesn’t go to the Lakers, because if he does, that is going to make the league at least for next year, the dominant team if he plays with Anthony Davis and Lebron James. Yes, the Lakers will become the villains again. Kawhi doesn’t like drama though, so he may elect to go to the Clippers. I don’t see him staying in Toronto only because he seems really interested in returning home.  One thing is for sure, his decision will impact the rest of the league’s decisions.

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