Favor of Ares Update

So, this post will officially start my journal for the fifth draft of my novel series Favor of Ares. The debut novel is called Lust.  I just wanted to explain the concept in hopes of enticing you to keep up with me and my baby.

First of all this project is over a decade old as far as being a superhero product. I didn’t get serious about writing it until 2008 and it’s been through tons of rewrites in both prose, art, and product.

So what am I making now? I decided to merge my love of drawing with writing to make what is called a Ranobe. Ranobe is the western term for light novel in Japan. These novels, usually geared at young adults, are novels that contain a few pages of manga type art.  The best examples I can think of are the Harry Potter series and Game of Thrones which are both novels, but now have illustrated editions.

Basically I will be creating illustrated edition novels with my own art style which I hope breaks open the market for original English light novels.

In Japan light novels have been adapted into anime and manga.Again for those who aren’t familiar that means the novels were adapted into a cartoon and a comic book. That is the goal of my novel series. Now for my older audience I will also publish a non-art edition (a regular prose). For those who just like the art, I will have an art book.

Now as far as why am I making it? I will list, rather than write it out

-I love drawing, but making an actual comic is out of my skillset. I’m more of a poster, splash art, kind of artist at this stage of my illustration career. Maybe one day I will have the patience to do a comic book on my own.

-I love manga/comic books and anime/cartoons both Japanese/Western versions.This medium allows me to do the art and story.

-Superheroes are my passion and I feel they are not enough superhero novels with the exceptions of comic book adaptations.

-Stan Lee is the motivation behind my passion. Nuff said.

-I always wanted to write a mystery using Greek Mythology.

That ends today’s journal for Favor of Ares. Please check out the ongoing novel by clicking here.


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