Elsa Bloodstone Debuts at E3!

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Wow, not a lot of people know about her. To be honest all I remember her for is being one of the cool character designs from the Marvel Comic Nextwave. Marvel never ceases to amaze me with their choice of character selection for movies and their video games. Today she was announced for Ultimate Alliance 3 which already bolsters a huge roster.

If you had to breakdown Marvel Comics into subgroups, especially during the nineties the books were related to Fantastic Four, X-men, Avengers, Spiderman, Supernatural, Space.  Elsa Bloodstone comes from the supernatural line of comics which at the time consisted of Blade, Ghost Rider, and Dr. Strange before those titles were canceled. Due to Marvel going bankrupt I believe, but I’m not sure, I’ll get back to you on that.

Elsa would be considered more of a C-list heroine, despite being arguably the supporting female protagonist of Nextwave. I always geek out when these type of heroes get “the call” because there is so much to work with since they have limited and unexplored histories. Which gives writers more freedom to explore. I’m hoping that the game allows her to become popular and that this means we might see her in other forms of media. Similar to how Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy came out of nowhere due to his appearance in Capcom vs Marvel 3 and the film Guardians of the Galaxy.

I mean look at her and her name. How can you not like her? Move over Blade. We have a new monster hunter! Check out her profile at Marvel.


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