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Imagine you are the Golden State Warriors. This is your fifth straight NBA Finals. The last four you had to face The King and his Cavaliers. You lost once to them in your attempt to go back to back by blowing a 3-1 lead. You go out and sign arguably the second best player in Kevin Durant. You won two championships. This past year you sign DeMarcus Cousins another all-star caliber player which should but all secure this year championship.

Then something happens. Your heart, Draymond Green gets into a spat with Durant in what is a contract year. Klay Thompson is also a free agent after this year. ¬†Cousins get hurt. You managed to get into the playoffs and do what you do. Dominate. Win. Remind everyone that you are the defending champions. Yeah, the Clippers made it interesting in their fight against you, but you knew you were going to win. The Rockets? Keep James locked up and they can’t produce. The Blazers? Who upset the Nuggets? They’re young and up-comers, but not really a threat. Even with Durant injured now, you know your opponent will be the Raptors or the Bucks. Mainly the Bucks.

The Bucks blow a two win lead and now you face the Raptors. A team that has been consistent. A team that really has only one player in Leonard. Leonard who might not be happy in Toronto and looking to leave. A team that fired the coach of the year from last year. A team with a point guard who has been absent in the playoffs. A roster that looks poised to lose.

Then they beat you in game 1 on their home turf. You are the Warriors. The Patriots of the NBA. You come back you win game 2 and surely with two home games you will take a 3-1 lead. Klay gets hurt in game 3. Cousins didn’t show up. Curry put up 47 points. You still lose. No worries, because Klay will be back for game 4. You keep the Raptors down, until the third where they start hitting shots and locking down your team. They win game 4. Now it’s your turn to be like the only team to beat you in the finals. You are down 3-1 and now in Toronto. A team craving their first championship. A team looking to keep their best player. A team with a point guard in Lowry looking to make his mark. What do you do?

You pray that Kevin Durant can play and tonight it seems he will. The question will be that even if he isn’t a 100%. Can he save you tonight? Can you win the series? If you do, does he stay or does he go?

Questions indeed.

NBA.Com has reported that Kevin Durant is listed as questionable. He might play after having a calf injury which sidelined him over a month now. If you are the Warriors, you are hoping he plays and helps out with scoring. Time will tell.

The Golden State Warriors will play the Toronto Raptors tonight at 9 P.M.

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