Lust Book Cover Redesign

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I’m redesigning the cover for Lust and I’m thinking about making the rest of the series similar to this one, with different titles of course. The reason for the redesign is since the series is about ghosts and psychics that I will use an eye as the symbol for psychic abilities. The third eye. I’m also going with magenta as the color for lust since most people recognize it as a color for lust instead of blue. I’m going to stylized the eye in the series title. The title is going to be more spooky similar to Gothika and The Ring to give it a ghostly feel trying the visual elements together. I think the series title needs to be smaller like other urban fantasy titles. The title will also be colored, ghostly, smokey, eerie lol. What do you think so far and what suggestions do you have?FOA_NOVEL FRONT TEMPLATE ROUGHS

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