Terrio’s Take: Facebook Repost From Four Years Ago

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“I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions. With that being said, am I tired of hearing about Caitlin Jenner, yes. Are there more “important issues in the world,” than her transformation, yes, but there are also more important issues than “deflate gate,” too. I think it’s ignorant to call her “freak” or any other derogatory names. I respect her courage and any other transgender individual, for being brave enough to make themselves happy. Her story, which may be tiresome to you, could help save someone going through what Caitlin went through. In general, I get tired of the news, personally, but I don’t take it out on the people being interviewed. Close minded individuals are the reason, why some of the LGBT community, are in the closet, and it’s sad, deplorable, and unfair. She isn’t doing anything, that affects my life, nor yours. “What am I going to tell my kids?” The truth, Caitlin was a man, who identify with being a woman. Point. Blank. Period. I, for one, can never understand, but I will not sit here and judge. I just deleted some friends, who think, it’s okay to be a bigot, and I can’t sit here and support that. You can think of me as a fake Christian, if you want, but I have close friends, who are part of the LGBT community, and I for one, still love them as individuals. #equalrights #rant #equality #LGBT #Christian#GodLovesEveryone #goaheadanddeleteme”

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