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Hey WordPress!

Yes, it’s been awhile. I had a busy personal year working two jobs through most of it. I was posting wrestling content on terriojenkinsblog.wordpress.com. I was also going to start posting art on terrioblog.wordpress.com. I was also doing what I could with my Wattpad. So what else is going?

Well let’s just say I have more free time now and I’m going to focus on my design/media career goals.  Which means focusing on this blog and finding a full time job in the media industry.

So, what’s new on this blog?

-I fixed and deleted a bunch of pages. The store page now has screenshots of merchandise from my Redbubble and RageOn sites. Terrio Talks has been changed to Terrio’s Take which will be where I write my articles. The Books page now only include links to the books I’m currently working on. If you want to read them links to the Wattpad page will be available. I shorten my About Me page which now includes a link to my Patreon.

Patreon: I updated the tier awards.

My social media pages will be under TerrioAlonza to separate them from my personal pages. (Now that I’m writing this, maybe I will swap the two.)

I’m going to try to get back to posting 3-4 content posts a night, seems like I was gaining more of an audience that way.

How’s is my new strategy going to work?

When I write a new chapter on Wattpad for any of my books, I’m going to copy the link and make a post about it here on the blog. Then I will share that post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.  This way all traffic comes to the blog which leads them to Wattpad. All post will have my Patreon link if anyone would like to support me on a monthly basis for as low as $1.00 to $500.

The same will work with art. I will post art to both Deviantart and Artstation. The link will be posted on my blog. The blog will be shared..

I’m putting together the Patreon packages in the next few weeks.

I’m so excited, I spent all day Saturday just researching and concerting all six books. Today I finished some concept sketches for Favor of Ares and Angel Protocols. Which I will be posting tonight.

I’m going to be making my own designs and clothes which will be sold on RageOn (I can do full size printing and make shoes too), but the designs will also be available on Redbubble (which has more items such as clocks, but limited size printing for shirts, which looks like the shirts from HotTopic.)

So, yes as my teaching career comes to a close and try to break into media, I will be focusing on touching up drafts and creating art.

So thank you for following and I’ll see you all soon.

Be Terrific!



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