Rewriting Lust #17: Thank You

To all my supporters on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress.

Today is the last issue of Rewriting Lust.

I’m in the process of changing the site into a book creating blog. The blog will serve as my portfolio page as well. The goal is to make different types of books. Topics will include: how to write a novel, how to create a graphic novel, reviews of books, etc.

Readers of Avatar: Return of the Avatar, that page has been moved to books tab. Terrio Talks now has its own tab. I’m still outlining.

Rewriting Lust will be renamed and will be one of my journal series that I plan to publish as a book.

I will be be cross posting using this blog, but I will try to cross share by making individual posts on Facebook and Twitter for more engagement.

Finally I’ll be adding LinkedIn as another media outlet.

I won’t be putting out any new content until I have everything in order.

Again I just want to say thank you and give you an update of what’s going on.

Remember to Be Terrific !

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