Rewriting Lust #16: Chapter 7 Completed

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Today is August 8th, 2018 and I hope you are all doing TERRIFIC today!

For those of you new to my blog, this particular series is my blog on rewriting my novel Lust, from scratch.  I talk about my goals and feelings at I push towards a completion date of Decemeber 21, 2018.  Here we go.

Word Count: The minimum everyday is 500 words. Every week by Wednesday I should have 2,000 words written. I’m one week and four days (counting today)  the count is 5,500. I’m proud to say that I completed chapter 7 with an additonal 905 words today, which is 405 words over the minimum goal. Chapter length goals are 1,750 and chapter 7 is 2, 125 words. I’m  still two weeks ahead of schedule.

Chapter 7 ended off on a positive vibe. I feel like I’m getting to know the characters better and showing off their thoughts better than the two previous drafts. Harmony/Shantel in particular was just a love interest, who didn’t do much, and now I feel she’s equal to the rest of the cast.

One of the improvements I see is having the characters really observe the world through their personalities. If you read the first two drafts only two characters received positive feedback after readers read them. Everybody else sounded the same, so having them react to each other and see each other differently is going well.

Chapter 7 is part of the debate beat of Save the Cat, but I like to consider it another term I found. The prep for adventure. This chapter explains without going into too much detail about psychics.

I posted an excerpt of chapter 7 earlier on my blog. I will start clearing past excerpts and use the tag Book 1: exerpt.

Art: Another change. I stated in Rewriting Lust #1 that I was making a ranobe, an illustrated edition of a novel. I’m no longer doing that. My main focus will be just writing the novels. I’m still going to be creating character posters and complete the illustrated edition at a later date.

I posted a new video in  The Marvel Way series on my Youtube channel. My channel is about improvement in both writing and art. The topic I covered is three point perspective. I attempt to accomplish a goal, I show the viewer how the professionals complete it, then I attempt to correct my mistakes. I love doing it that way because I feel like the viewer will see me actually improve. Hopefully the series inspires those who feel they aren’t good enough to get up and try.

I illustrated a concept sketch of Whisper traditionally, digitally traced it, and painted it. I posted that and my fan art piece in my Bruce Timm study on both Deviantart and Instagram.

Marketing: My professional Instagram had 11 new followers today. My blog is starting to get clicks to my Redbubble and Patreon sites!!!! Yay!!! I notice the views on Youtube are going up as well, despite not having any followers yet. I plan on working on building my Youtube community soon. In order to do so I’ve been watching other successful Youtubers and their suggestions.

I decided who I’m in competition with in order to better market myself. I will reveal that in the next issue.

Thank you for reading and remember to BE TERRIFIC!!!!

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