Rewriting Lust #14: The Villain

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Word Count: Today’s word count was 1,850 words, crushing my minimum goal by 1,350 words.  I’m now 1/7 of my 70,000 word goal for the novel!

I’m really loving how this rewriting is going now that I have more of a plan and I’m excited to be sharing it with you.

Today I completed Chapter 6, which is part of my catalyst scene. Remember a scene can take several chapters or could be just a chapter. Rita is the narrator and she is more believable than she was in the first two drafts.

Prompt/Exercise: Today I’m working on my villain.  All I can share with you at this point is that my villain moniker is “The Captured Family Rapist” and that they are a serial killer. If you want to read more you can always check out my Patreon.

To create a villain you need to refer back to your crime scenario.  Create a quick thumbnail sketch of the villain. What is the motive of the villain? Did someone wrong them? are they trying to hide something? write down all your ideas!  The main element you want to focus on is their life trigger. How and what led them to have their motive? Were they abused? Are they being blackmailed and tired of it. All of this ties together to create the villain, who will drive your plot, offscreen mostly, and the final confrontation should be epic emotionally or physically.

Art/Exercise: I published a video of myself drawing perspective. Perspective is one of those skills that I struggle with. A month ago I painted a picture of one of my characters using another artist piece as reference in perspective, and it was amazing. At least to me. Now I’m trying to master it and use it more often in my drawings. The video is available to my Patreon and YouTube followers.

Marketing/Promotiing: Promoting the Marvel Way channel and Rewriting Lust 14. I linked both Tumblr’s to the blog. 

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