Rewriting Lust #11: Premise Writing

cropped-logo_foa1.jpgToday, I didn’t really work on Lust.  I decrease my minimum word count to 500 words a day.  This will yield a 70,000 word novel over the next 140 days. The completion date is set for December 21, 2018.  Although 5 months seem long, it’s needed so that I can really focus on quality and not quantity.  I don’t feel like I have pressure to have it done, like I did with the Book in a Month system.

My word count total up to today with the new system is 3,000.  Chapters 1 and chapter 2 are both 2000 words, combining for 4000. Chapter 3 and chapter 4 are both 1750 each. That means I’m at a total of 7,000 words. I didn’t write yesterday because of changing my system and formatting the blog. With the current goals that means I’m 4,000 words ahead of schedule. I’m going to write tonight though, I’m still working out some setting plot holes.

I’m also feeling under weather. Not an excuse, though….

Okay, I lied, I did write out a new outline for the Lust.

Today’s exercise is premise writing.  Premise writing comes from an idea and is similar to the one sentence summary I discussed during my concept phase. The premise keeps you focused on what the story is about and everything should linked to the premise.

The crime that inspired me to write Lust was the following news story.

idea:Man Found Guilty in Sexually Assaulting of Couples at Linden Motels.

Suppose and what if.:

What if the man was a ghost assaulting couples. What if the couples had children?


I cleaned up my Teepublic and Rage On store fronts.

Pinterest followers: I have cleaned up my site. The different franchises are now merged into Video Games, Anime, Cartoons, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and my books will be under Favor of Ares.

Patreon followers: I went back untag and retag posts to make it easier to find. Tiers were also changed.

I’m going to be designing “Be Terrific” t-shirts.

Until next time, pals,…Be Terrific!!!



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