Writing Genesis #1: What I’m Making and Why

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logo_angelprotocols1Genesis #1: What am I Making and Why

Just like my Rewriting Lust series. However, this time I will take you on a journey as I write and draw my Angel Protocols series. Genesis is the first book! I wrote 4 chapters and the prologue before, but just like my earlier books, I had no clear direction, only two characters weren’t flat.  Using my new knowledge and tools. I’m going to get this book done too! Since I’m still rewriting Lust, I will only be doing the concepts and refining them. Genesis will go into writing production in September, which means the rough draft will be finish by October (if I keep doing the Book in a Month challenge.) s

What is Angel Protocols? The series originally was conceived with these two ideas: The film Push meets Touched by an Angel.   Over time I replaced Push with Power Rangers. Then I decided to add on another idea: The Bourne Identity. Elements from D.Gray-man came into play and I wantd the characters to be like the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender. I also wanted to throw in Egyptian Mythology.  Confused? yeah so was I. After reading Save the Cat I realize what I needed to do. I didn’t have to scrap everything, I just needed to reorganize and ask myself, what is the setting most like? What are the characters most like? then take it from there.  Here is how I see the series for the story of Geneis.

What is it most like?

Plot: The Bourne Identity. I thought it would be intereting if the main characters all had short term amnesia and were hunted by angels and demons. This opens up some great possibilities. The two I like so far are that they are fallen angels or nephilims.

Setting: Originally Touched by an Angel. Then Power Rangers meet Touched by an Angel. Now it’s just going to be Power Rangers. Now since my context is angels the best source that fits my idea is Dogma.

Characters: I’m still stcking with Avatar, The Last Airbender.  I’m looking to use Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, and Zuko for the inspiration of the main characters.

Now I didn’t do this with Rewriting Lust, but I’m going to do it here. My series needs a motif and context.  Motif is a common theme. Context is subject matter.

Motif: Egyptian Mythology. I will go into this in the research entry.  I know I can use their animals to help define their halo’s.

Context: Angels.  This helps ties all the previous ideas together.  Now I don’t know which work of fiction I want to use to help me focus, but right now it’s a tie between Touched by an Angel (soft magical system), Dogma(hard magical system), and High School DxD(eh, in the middle magical system) I’m leaning more towards Dogma.

I wanted to write an inspirational series. Which means I probably should use Touched by an Angel more.  I still wanted the series to be an action series.  I was still trying to make it a mystery, but at this point it’s just an action/thriller series.

I plan on writing the novel first. Then publishing the illustrated edition.

Thank you for reading and remember Be Terrific!

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