3rd Draft of Lust: Chapter 1

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cropped-logo_foa1.jpgExcerpt of the Lust: Chapter 1 (Third Revision)
“The autopsy on the Wagners came in. Travis Wagner was sodomized and we also found the presence of sperm.  His head, or what’s left of it, was eaten. The lab couldn’t identify the animal, but the bites looks like they could of been human.  The unsub also raped his wife, Sarah, but with an object. She was killed with poisoned, tox reports say it was from a flower. Their poor son Logan, he died from asphyxia and his wind pipes were crushed.  Somebody choked him to death and there was presence of semen.”

Joan sat across from me at the table eating her steak.  She wore a black suit with a matching skirt, white collared shirt, and a blue neck tab.  Her brown hair came to her chin in the front and her shoulders in the back. Her earrings were a pair of golden wings. She wasn’t bothered with the details she gave me.  After all she’s seen worse. Far worse.

“That’s disgusting.” I said, eating my steak, bloody, what was the point of having cooked meat? I like everything rare. “Did the semen samples match?”

“No, sir.” Joan sipped her tea. “The semen had a glow though. A light purple.”


“Looks that way, sir.”

“Joan, call me Brian”

“Okay, sir,” she paused, “Brian. The unsub clearly is a psychic.”

“True.  They weren’t alone though. Even though there is one sample. There is no way the unsub rapged and murdered the whole family by himself.  “No witnesses?”

“None.  We don’t have any evidence of anyone else being there. It’s possible that this mortal unsub had a telekinesis miracle.”

I looked around at the patrons eating dinner with their families. Everybody enjoying their time together. Others locked into their phones or other gadgets.  Totally unaware of the secret world that lies in the shadows. They are unaware of the evils like this unsub. Was he targeting families or just the Wagners?

“That could be true, but the pattern is different with each member.  The dad was was eaten, mom poisoned, the child choked. If they had telekinesis, the pattern would most likely be the same.  You’re dealing with multiple unsubs. Worse. Mortal unsubs with psychic abilities.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”  Joan said, “They must of knew the unsub too, because there was no sign of forced entry.”

“Unless you’re dealing with a teleporter.”

“This case isn’t going to be easy. Damn miracles.” Joan placed her forked and knife down on our table. She gave a heavy sigh and looked around the room.  “This is the fourth family in the past two months.”



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