Rewriting Lust #4: Setting

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Setting Design

Okay, so in my previous blog entries and on YouTube, I stated that my three ideas to help me rewrite were: Ghostbusters (setting), Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (characters), and Men in Black (plot). In my research I focused on greek mythology and I know I want to write a fantasy/mystery.  Now where does my story take place?

Setting is, essentially, another character.  The more detail your research, the more the audience is willing to have a suspension of belief.  I’m going to use a fictionalize version of Bordentown or Willingboro from New Jersey.  Most likely Bordentown, because I already printed out maps and basic demographics.

I know I’m writing a mystery and a fantasy.  That means I need a magic system for the fantasy elements and a connection to law enforcement for the mystery elements.  I have two sources I will be using. My primary source for mystery elements is Writing and Selling your Mystery Novel by Hallie Ephron. My magic systems is going to be based on psychic powers, so my primary source will be How to be a Psychic by Michael R. Hathaway.

I have first hand knowledge of living in Bordentown, more than I do Willingboro.  My focus is more on the mystery elements, because I’m writing an urban fantasy, so I don’t necessary have to world build in the sense of making up an elaborate magic system, races, etc.  The fantasy elements will add to the world building, because ghosts are going to be aliens, and psychic abilities are going to be used by ghosts and humans.

This made me feel that the ghosts are going to be similar to the ones from the movie, Ghost(1990).  Where the ghosts are incapable of physically interacting with the physical world, except through magic (telekinesis).  This will be a major plot point in the books.

The location is going to be a fictionalize university in Bordentown.  I’m using maps of Rutgers-Camden as my main source for the actual setting.

Psychic are able to visit dreams, so that will be another element of psychics. Along with the points I stated earlier, my setting is starting to become, to me, unique.  In fact I think I’m going to make psychics, similar to vampires, because they can absorb energy.

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