Rewriting Lust #2: Research

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This is either the most fun part of making a book, comic, or movie. This is also the part that makes me procrastinate. Research is important for several reasons.  The first being that it brings a sense of realism to your project. This goes for writing, drawing, and painting. Readers need to be able to visualize what you’re writing and there must be some authenticity.  For example, I’ve never been to Greece, and at the present time, it looks like I never will. Being that I want to write about greek mythology, I need to to research on the country, mount olympus, and cities. There are many ways to go about doing this.  Google, which can do anything in my opinion. I can also do interviews with people who have traveled or lived there. There are also books that I can look at in the travel section of Barnes and Noble. The same would apply for occupations that I have no experience with. Research adds the details that will help the reader and their suspension of belief for a fantasy story. I’m trying to get better with this and I think that’s where my stories are lacking. 

Research for drawing is just as important.  For years I’ve been one of those artist who refused to use reference photos or thumb-nailing.  The past three years of going through graphic design at Rowan College at Burlington County. Yes, that’s the name. I’ve learned to appreciate both processes.  There’s a creator name Kienan Lafferty who creates tons of videos and he always reminding you to “bring your friend to the canvas.” Now that I’m over being a “thief” and using references, I realize the importance.  Just like with writing, it adds a certain level of realism. My drawings now have improved where I’m more comfortable with sharing them publicly. I’m still learning about perspective and translating poses, backgrounds, but referencing from photos, artists you like, and even artist you don’t like will help with improving.  

The same goes for painting. Color theory is something that I’m still weak at, but I’m getting better.  I have a piece I did for my Angel Protocol series that made me motivated to get better. Referencing from other painters or colorist will help you understand how light affects color.

My research for Favor of Ares will start with the three concepts that are helping with revising the major concept.  Men in Black is the overall tone and structure I’m going for. I like the idea of a secret organization that polices supernatural phenomenon.  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will be the sources for my characters, so watching the movie and other adaptations will help me differentiate my characters.  Ghostbusters is sci-fi, but I’m adapting it into a fantasy story which will basically mix with elements of Men in Black. 

However to add realism to the story and make it interesting I will be using Edith Hamilton’s “Mythology” as the source for greek mythology.  I’m also going to use real cases that are similar to the ones I come up with. There are some police investigation books that I’m going to be researching as well.   I’m also going to research psychic detectives to help with my magic system. 

I hope you are enjoying this process and hope you stay tuned, because the next post is supposed to be on characters, but I’m going with setting design aka worldbuilding, since I want to interweave my magic system.

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