Every Time I Think of Quitting…

Journal #1

Being a writer, artist, and designer of my brand is time consuming. Yes it’s fun, but trying to put out quality content and not feeling any support from others, well it’s kind of depressing.  There are days where I just want to quit, but I’ve come so far. My skills in writing, drawing, and digitally painting are improving. Not at the rate I want, but improving nonetheless.

I know as artist/writers, we’re suppose to create and not care about what others think. I don’t mind the negative critiques and of course, I love the few positive ones, but all in all when I sit at my computer and see that no one has bought any items from my various storefronts or pledging me on Patreon, I get frustrated.  

Then, I get a new follower on Facebook, WordPress, or even Instagram and I get charged up again.  I just want to say that I appreciate the follows, the likes, and views. I feel like once I finally have the book published, maybe I will see more of an increase.  

For those of you still following and reading, I This blog will turn into more of a journaling of what I’m doing for the book series.  I decided to do revise the concepts of each book series. I will be creating a category label “Journal” for each book series. For example, “Journal: Favor of Ares, Lust.” This way I can pull my post together for a hardcover book and makes it easier for you to find information related to a specific series.

My Patreon page will be where you can read full chapters of each book and for continued support, you will be added to the thank you page of each book. There is also prizes if you support me for $1.00 or more a month. I’m not trying to beg you for money, but if I was able to get enough support, it would give me more time to create more content, and not have to work two jobs to make ends meet. My Patreon backers will be the first to see posters and other merchandise, and basically get them for free.

My official storefront will be with Teepublic. I will be designing merchandise for the books, but I will also offer other products not based on my books.  I will take custom orders as well.

I didn’t think I would do it, but I’m going to make videos on Youtube.  These videos will be part of the journaling experience.

Due to my impending second job, posting on here will most likely be late at night. New chapters will be published on Friday, not for each book, unless I have the time and energy. Right now, Favor of Ares, Book 1: Lust will be the priority and right now is still in it’s second revision.

Everything will start tomorrow, except for the video, which may be posted on Fridays.

Thank you for reading and remember to always..

Be Terrific!


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