Lust: Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: 


“Is Antonio,” I tried to get the words out. “Did he just eat Antonio?” I looked at everyone. They were all in shocked. I was in shock. I’m sure that was the understatement of the year. We just witness two ghosts. I didn’t know Antonio well, but the few times I’ve met him, he was a nice guy, like David. David, Aaksh, Crystal, and Jonathan were hit the most. Crystal and Aakash actually went to Antonio’s funeral. Jonathan and David just admitted they didn’t go because they couldn’t stand to see him dead. Now they find he was alive as a ghost, only to be eaten by some fat ghost who ran outside.

“Ni, Joan, get these kids to safety. I’ll go out and confront him and save whoever he took hostage.” I didn’t’ know the man in the wheelchair, but he sounded like he was about to going to fight. I don’t care if he threw a spear out of nothing. He couldn’t do it by himself. He already looked fatigued. 

“Brian, you’re weak. You get them to safety, I’ll take care of him.” the tall brunette met his tone. 

“What is going on, who are you people?” Shantel asked. We were still holding hands. I noticed she wasn’t shaking, but was focused on her boyfriend, who was frozen like the rest of the students at the party.

“Joan, there isn’t time. Get.Them. Out.” his eyes were filled with rage, passion, hate. They seem to be glowing a faint shade of red. 

“We’re not going anywhere.” Crystal said.

“Not after that, ghost, killed our friend.” Aakash backed her up.

“Guys,” David started to move around.” I want to get revenge too, but we’re talking about ghosts, here. Maybe we should go with, Joan was it? And then figure out what to do.”

The tension was rising. I didn’t know what we should do. I did know that we couldn’t just stand here while that ghost attacked someone else. “We have to help whoever is outside.” I blurted out. David turned to me and gave me a stern look. 

“What would you do, Crystal?” the wheelchair man asked. “This isn’t up for discussion. You are all aboove your heads.”

“I don’t care.” Crystal snapped back. “We’re coming with you, Professor Ford.”

“David, if you want you can take Shantel with Joan.” I said, “I’m staying with Crystal.” I couldn’t let Crystal go by herself. Even though we didn’t get along, she was friends with Nafi, and I couldn’t look Nafi in the eyes knowing I didn’t help. Then there was Antonio, I felt guilty that we couldn’t help him. 

“No, you are going to go with Shantel. If Crystal and Aakash are staying, I’m staying” he was shaking, I could see he was nervous. I wish he would have more confidence in himself. He had most people fooled that he was confident, but I could see and hear the nervousness. Funny, in a way, since he is the only one military trained.

“I’m staying with you guys, no offense, Joan.” Shantel said.

“Didnt’ I say this isn’t-” Professor Ford bent over and breathed heavy. “Damn it, why now?”

“We don’t have time for this!” Joan yelled. “Clearly they want to fight and help.”

“They aren’t ready.” 

“They can see ghost, they’re only going to get attacked more if we don’t help them, now.” 

Professor Ford looked at everyone, then outside. “The girl outside, he hasn’t done anything to her. He wants us to come out there. He wants them. 

“You mean he wants to eat us?” Crystal’s friend said. “I always wanted to be wanted, but not eaten.”

“Kevin, now isn’t the time for jokes.”

“Who says I’m joking?”

“I think David’s right, we should think about this logically, we don’t have the means to fight ghosts guys.”

“Jonathan, he ate our friend, the friend.”

“I know, you guys are acting emotionally.”

“Stop fighting!” I yelled. “We need to think about the girl outside!”

“Rita’s right. Shantel shook that ghost’s hand. We all saw it. If we can see ghost that means we can touch them too.”  David said, “I’m not going to lie, I don’t want to fight, but Crystal if you’re going, I’m not leaving you.”

David had a different look, I’ve seen it before. Although he was timid, when it came to competition, he was another person. He had that look in his eye. “We’re all coming.”

“Me too” Kevin said.

“Jonathan? You can stay.”

“Shut up, I’m not going to leave you guys.” Jonathan said. “Although this is stupid.”

The seven of us stood around the professor. “Is what David saying is true?” I asked. “Can we touch ghosts?”

Ford breathed heavy again. “Yes, and if you knew how to use your aura, you could do to him what he did to your friend.”  He close his eyes. “You really want to help?” When he saw that that no one was backing down he continued. “I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I can’t fight him in this condition. Everyone place a hand on me. One by one, starting with Crystal, we touch him on his arms. 

“Repeat after me, but you have to mean it, or else we are all going to die tonight.” 

“Brian, are you strong enough to do it?”

“Can you?” he responded to her. “No, you know I can’t. I’ll meet you all outside.”  she ran to confront the ghost outside. The rest of us still holding on to Ford. He closed his eyes again.

“Listen to me, oh Ares, who have given you burnt offerings of young lambs, I who have raised prayers to you on sweet smoking altars. Lend me your ear and answer my inquest. Show me, oh giver of good counsel, as I may see, Whether it is better to giver the first course of the second. Show me, oh Rallier of men, as I may see,, whether I shall rally in ones or twos. Pray to thee I do for your token in answer, A sign as I may see your will, You who give council to those who raise your banner.” 

“Wait, are we praying to another God?” Shantel asked.

“Sounds like it.” I said, “We can’t do that.”

“Then, we are all good as dead. Because Joan isn’t strong enough to fight him, and in my current state, neither can I. Don’t think of it as a prayer, but as a chant. 

We repeated the chant. Even Shantel, I didn’t feel comfortable with this. Then I felt my hands burning. A tattoo of a spear encircled by reef appeared in orange. When I looked over at Shantel, she had the same thing, but her tattoo was yellow. Everyone had one on their right hand and in different colors. In fact all seven of us had the seven colors of the rainbow.

“How does this help?”

“It will allow your gatekeepr to guide you. Think of it as the training wheels to meeting your guardian angels.” he said. He looked even more tired than before. “Go and help Joan. Let your gatekeepers be your guide.”

Without another word, Crystal ran followed by Kevin. Aakash looked at Jonathan and they went next. Shantel took a look at her boyfriend, and back at us. David shook his head.

“Last chance.” he said.

“I can’t let anyone be hurt on my watch, not again.” I said. One of the reasons I was studying to be a nurse was to help others. I know that can be my biggest weakness, but I couldn’t help it. I grew up with hay fever and always felt helpless. So when I was healthy I made it a point to help others. Antonio died for a second time in front of me. I knew there was nothing I could do, but I can’t let my friends or this woman Joan confront the ghost on their own 

I felt that David, Shantel, and I were all better equip because as far as I can tell, we were the only religious ones. Not perfect, mind you, I mean we all fall short. We were taught that they are ghosts and spirits. I think being confronted with them physically threw us off. Crystal and the others seem more shaken, but Crystal is too stubborn, she would fight Satan himself, from what I learned about her the past two years. 

“Me either.”

David had a sad look in his eye. “Then let’s go.” We ran after eveyone else. When we got outside the ghost had a young girl. She had long, flowing brown hair, fair skin, and just a couple of inches taller than me, but shorter than Shantel and Crystal. She was fighting against him with eveything she had. Terror screamed from her eyes and mouth.

“Help me!”

“Let her go!” Joan yelled.

“Lauren!” Kevin yelled almost simteounsly. 

“No, not Lauren.” David said, “she’s in my art class.” 

The ghost looked at us all. He held Lauren’s arms upright with one hand. There was no emotion in him. The air felt like ice on my skin in his presence. “How lucky am I? Another psychic right here. I can tell that he marked you all. No matter, I can feel that you don’t have access to your gatekeepers.” He looked at Joan. “and you are no match for me, fallen one.” 

“Try me.” Joan said, but didn’t move. “What do you want?”

“I just want to feed,” he said, “I finally made it out of that hell and regain my memories. I, Pirithous, will acomplish what I always wanted. To gain Persephone’s heart and make her mine. But, before I do that, I need to make myself stronger. This girl, her scent, her looks, she reminds me of Persephone. I think I’ll keep her as my snack.”

“You’re not strong enough for Persephone or Hades.” Joan said.

“Persephone and Hades?” I asked, looking at David. 

“Greek gods.” is all he said. 

“I don’t believe in other gods. Just our god.” I said.

“Rita, I dont’ think this is a good time for a debate.” He said looking around at the environment.

“Oh, I’m not, fallen one?” Why don’t you ask my followers?” he snapped his fingers and out the door came a gorup of students. The ones Pirithous was talking too, inclucing Shantel’s boyfriend. Their eyes and bodies were glowing. 

“Oh, no.” Joan said. 

“Yes, you see I’m now a Lord and my followers, they are many.”

They all moved with speed and strength that caught the rest of us by surprise, holding us from behind. We struggled, but none of us could break their hold. Pirithouse gave Lauren to a blonde hair girl. 

“You see, I may not be a god, yet, but I’m a king.” He moved and took Joan by surprise. “Do you know my miracle? My grandfather was the God of Time. I inherited his ability. Even if you defeat me, I’ll just reverse time.”

“You won’t win.”

“Oh, fallen one, I already have.” 

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