Lust: Chapter 5

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I hate it when I’m wrong. After spending minutes telling Christopher he didn’t have a shot at Danielle. There they were, dancing, together. His huge grin could be seen from the little bit of light from the ceilings. 

“She is just appeasing him, right? There is no way she is interested in him.”

“I, mean, dancing and hooking up are two different concepts.” Aakash said. He looked just as bewildered as I was. We were both dressed as soldiers from the Halo video game. He wore a green version and I was wearing a red version. 

The lights were dimmed for the costume party. Not everyone was dressed up though. The air smelled of weed and alcohol. The music was loud enough that you could hear it outside. There were halloween props all over including hanging victims from the ceiling. 

“I hope so, because if he does hook up with her, we will never hear the end of it.” 

“I know,” he nodded in agreement, “I wasn’t expecting them to be dancing together.”

“Who is dancing together?” Crystal asked. She came from behind us. She was dressed Spock from Star Trek. Except she looked better. She had a short friend with her who was Mario from the video games. 

“Christopher and Danielle.” I said. Hoping they didn’t’ hear my disgust. Ah, who cares, I was disgusted. I couldn’t understand why Danielle would even talk to Chris’s pompous ass. Okay, take a breath, calm down. 

“Isn’t she the cheerleader for the Eagles?” her friend asked. He sounded like he was trying to make an italian accent. Which came out pretty funny. I laughed and Aakash answered him.

“Yeah, she hasn’t shared that with many people, how did you know?”

“I’m a journalism major, I make it my business to know a little bit about everything.”

“He’s annoying that way.” Crystal said. “Aakash and Jonathan this is Kevin.”

“Nice to meet you.” Aakash said while shaking Kevin’s hand.

“Ditto.” I said following Aakash lead. 

“So, you guys still beefing with Chris?” Crystal said. She stopped and looked close. “Wait is he hanging out with Dorothy?” 

I looked closer. I knew Dorothy as Crystal’s sutiemeate. David and I tried flirting with her and well she wasn’t responsive.  I gave up. David still tries from time to time. Dorothy was dancing with Davey. Lars was with his girlfriend Melissa. They were surrounded by this other geek Mittone, who had problems with David and I. He was flanked by two girls.  

“I didn’t know they were all hanging out, weird.”  I said. “The other guy with them is dancing with Shantel. David is not going to like that.”

“Like what?” David said. He sneaked up from behind me making my heart skip a beat. He had a girl with him, I think her name was Rita, she would hang out in Crystal’s suite with us from time to time. David was dressed in his soldier uniform and Rita was in nurses scrubs.

“You dick.” I hit him in the shoulder and he shrugged it off. 

“Why I gotta be that?”

“Your future wife is over there with some guy.”

“Maybe it’s her future husband.” Aakash said.

“Guys, that’s her boyfriend.” David said, he sounded like he didn’t’ care. I knew otherwise. Shantel was all he ever talk about. I mean he would talk about other girls and flirt with other girls, but his heart was with Shantel. I was going to tell him he should ask her to dance when Crystal grabbed our attention.

In the corner by the closed Starbucks section was one lone figure. He stood there witha stoic expression. Looking onward at the crowd of students having fun. The air seemed cooler from his direction. I couldn’t help but feel like I knew him.

“Antonio!” Crystal cried out. Aakash, David, and I all looked at each other. We were all thinking the  same thing. Antoino was our firend.

“Why are you guys looking like that?” Rita asked looking at David. “I haven’t seen Antonio since the beginning of the year.”

“There’s a good reason for that.” David responded not taking his eyes off Antonio.

Antonio glanced in our direction. He smiled and waved as he started to walk over to us.

“What? Did he leave for vacation or something?” Kevin asked.

“No.” Crystal, David, and Aakash all said in unison.Crystal looked like she wanted to run. 

“Can it really be?” Crystal had her hands over her mouth.

“It…it can’t” Aakash stepped back.

“You guys, David. Crystal, Aakash. You guys, you can see me?” Antonio asked. He was dressed in blue jeans and a white shirt. The air cooled even more the close he got to us. I couldn’t believe he was here. My heart felt like it was going to pound it’s way outside. Aakash was right it couldn’t be Antonio. 

“Of course they can see you, why wouldn’t they?” Kevin said.

“Because,” I said, “Antonio is dead.”

“We went to your funeral.” Aakash said. “How?”

“I don’t know.” Antonio said. “I know you and Crystal went.” Antonio looked at me and David. “You two, didn’t.”

David and I didn’t go to Antonio’s funeral. We both hated them. We both felt guilty and it something we talked about whenever Antonio came up. I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t sure if I even believed that this was happening. It wasn’t rational. Ghosts do not exist.

“Antonio, I,we’re sorry, We both feel guilty about not going, it was just,” Davids words came out shaking, almost non verbal. “We couldn’t stand to see you like that.”

“I know, I heard you two talking a while ago.”

“You, heard?” I asked.

“Antonio we’re so glad you’re okay.” Crystal hugged him. She actually hugged a ghost. I wanted to say maybe we were all high from the excess of alcohol and weed, but that would be a lie. I didn’t believe in ghosts, but what I do know from movies  is that we shouldn’t be able to touch them.

“Listen, guys, all of you, you are in danger.” he said. “If you can see me, you guys are in danger.” His face went all serious. 

“Danger?” I asked. How?” I still couldn’t believe I was talking to Antonio. I missed him, he was a great friend. We would hang out, talk about girls with David, and played video games until. The report on his death was that he had heart failure. His family told papers that there was no history of that illness in their family. They were in a lawsuit with the hospital last I heard. 

“I’ve been dead since September. I don’t know why, but I didn’t die from heart failure. I was killed by a ghost.”

“How do you know that?” I felt weird asking the questions, but everyone else was still in shock. 

“When I was alive, I could see ghosts, in fact I was helping.” He stopped and turned. “He’s here.”

“Who’s here?” Crystal asked. We looked in the same direction. A large man dressed in leather stroll by the students. I guess I should say through the students. Stopping every once in awhile smelling the girls. Another ghost? Now I knew I was going crazy. There had to be a logical explanation. I looked at Aakash and David. 

“Who is he?” David asked. The other ghost approached Christopher and his new group of friends.  Christopher pointed at Shantel. 

“A succubus.” Antonio responded.

“A suck a what?” Rita asked.

“It doesn’t matter what does he want with Shantel?” David’s voice was deeper than usual. More serious.

“He’s trying to find food and your friend over there, well..”

Shantel shook the other ghosts hand. “She can see ghosts too?” I asked. 

“But she doesn’t know it.” David said, “ does she?”

“No, we appear normal to psychics. Unless  they have power.” Antonio said. “We got to save her.”

“Leave her alone!” Crystal yelled from the room  Everyone started to look over at us. Trying to figure out what was going on. Rita ran up and grabbed Shantel bringing her to us. 

The other ghost raised his finger and everyone in the room froze, except for those of us who could see him. The other ghost along with Chris and the others approached us.  

“Ah, more psychics. Who would’ve thought there would be a whole meal. I prefer the women. You girls can have the guys.” he said. You could hear hunger in his voice. He licked his lips at Rita, Shantel, and Crystal. 

“We’re not psychics.” Aakash said.

Antonio went to attack the ghost. “Run, get out of here!” he yelled at us, but none of moved. We couldn’t, some force was holding me there, and I assume it was like that for everyone else. The ghost grabbed Antonio and lifted him in the air. Antonio started to glow as the ghost sucked the light of our friend into him. 

“No!” Crystal yelled. Rita and Shantel were crying. David and Aakash looked on with calm, but concerned faces. Only Kevin looked normal. What was his deal?

“You’re right,” the ghost said, “you’re going to be my main course”

“I told you I felt something.” A woman’s voice said from behind us. She was tall, brunette, with short hair. I wasn’t into tall women, since I was only 5’3, but if I got past this, I would try to ask her out on a date.

“Yes, Joan, You were always good at detecting ghost.” I recognize the man in the wheelchair. He was one of the professors from the history department. David and Crystal would always complain about his class. 

I was starting to get angry now though. This other ghost was threatening us, “Go to hell!” I said. The professor wheeled in front of us. Lifted his hand and red appeared in it. The energy stretched from both sides, talking a shape of a spear. Onced formed he threw it at the other ghost. The force of the throw pinned the ghost to the floor by his vest. He took it off and ran through the walls.

“Are you kids alright?” The lady ask us.  Nobody answered. “I thought you said only three of your students were psychic.” 

“Joan, I’m not clairvoyant like you. With this many psychics, no wonder why he came here.” 

“I’m going to go after him.” she said, that’s when we heard the screams of someone outside. I would never forget it.

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