Favor of Ares, Lust: Chapter 8

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The following is an excerpt of chapter 8 from Favor of Ares, Book 1: Lust.  This is the second draft and has only been revised, not edited.

A crimson scythe morphed from my back slicing the zombie holding me. Dropping it’s hold from me from my attack I faced it.  It stumble forward a step before splitting in half. Each side falling opposite from each other to the ground.  I commanded the scythe back into my skin as it liquify and flowed to my hand.    We all joined together to save the girl.

The biker holding the mysterious girl was now surrounded by each of the students. Each of their eyes were still glowing with power. David aimed at the biker’s head, Crystal still had spiked knuckles. Aakash crouched into a pouncing position. Jason stood about half his height. A dramatic wind circled around Rita making her hair dance.  Finally, Kevin, along with several squirrels perched on his shoulders and others gathered around him squeking.  

“Let her go!” Crystal commanded her voice full of confidence.  Her eyes not leaving the biker.  Everyone else appeared to have her resolve.  

“Stay back” the girl yelled at the rest of them still struggling to escape the hold of the biker had.

“Shut up” The biker punched her in the ribs.  The girl screamed in pain. “That’s better, if you must make noise, it should be that of pain.  He turned his attention to us, me specifically. “And you’re next.”

“What are we going to do?”  I heard Rita asking.

“We can’t let him go.”  Aakash responded.

“We won’t.”  Crystal said.  She turned to me. “Professor?”

“This is a hostage situation, we have to wait him out, hope he drops his guard.  If he ere going to kill her, he would of done it by now.

“Um.”  David said.  “I have a clear shot, but the bullets wouldn’t hurt it right?”  

“Actually David, it would.  You seem to be channeling some kind of energy into gun.  That energy is coming from your powers and should affect him.”  

“Can you do it David?” Crystal asked.

“For you, and for her, I’ll try.” David said, a hint of flirting and fear in his voice.  His eyes focused on the rear sight of the rifle. His heavy breathing slowed.  

The biker was slowly backing up, dragging the girl with his mouth close to her neck.  I could of made the shot, but I had spend too much energy already.  I had to trust David.  We all did.  David was calmed, but his fingers were still trembling. His eyes started glowing blue and within the array was a constellation of a gun.  For a brief moment, I could feel something changed within him.  A confidence that could almost rival my own.  He smiled and pulled the trigger.  A blue shot fired from the empty rifle.  The blue bolt of energy hit the biker somewhere in the forehead with enough force to knock him backward. In the process he release the girl.

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