Favor of Ares, Lust: Chapter 7 Excerpt (Revised)

She struggled to get away from the biker ghost we just encountered. He was holding both of her arms with one hand and with his other hand caressing her belly.

“HELP ME!” She continued screaming, but she didn’t notice that no one could hear her because they were all still frozen. Except for us for some reason. We were the only ones who could save her, but I don’t know how we were going to defeat a ghost.

We all just followed Crystal and Rita. I bet they were starting to regret it because we were out of our element. “Well you don’t see that everyday.” I said. “What’s our play, Crystal?”

Crystal stood there, as tall as her small frame would let her. She had a scowl on her face, but at the same time you could see the fear in her eyes.

“Let her go!” Crystal pointed her finger at the biker, who turned his masked face to us as if he just noticed us. The air around us was almo“My snacks from earlier want to rescue my entree? How….annoying.”
“You heard what she said.” Wyatt wheeled himself by Crystal so that he was in between the biker and us. “You know

who I am and what I can do.”

“Oh, yes, I can tell by your aura. You’re way above my league and thats why I ran earlier, but I noticed something else about you. Your aura isn’t as strong as it should be and even now, after your stint in there, you’re a little weaker now. “ The biker took what seems to be a sniff of the air, how could he smell anything through a gas mask?

“Ah, I see now, you little cheater, you help unlocked the aura of my snacks. Even that won’t help you get stronger. Such a shame, a Lord reduced to a Gallent, and stuck in a mortal body at that. I’m going to enjoy every morsel of your psychic energy. Then I’m going to drain your students, slowly, until my own stomach burst.” The biker laughed, without letting Roz go, shaking her like a rag doll in the air.

“Why does he keep referring to us as food?” Jonathan asked.
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