Chapter 6(Revised):Lust, Favor of Ares Excerpt

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“Ghost aren’t real.”  Jonathan said interrupting Wyatt’s thinking process.

“Did you not see him walk through those two girls.  What about the wall?  I asked.

“There is an explanation for it, I just can’t think of right now.” he snapped back at me as if I insulted him.  He always seemed to be a loner to me, but right now, I see he can be arrogant.

“Listen, guys, we need to calm down.” Crystal said.  “Rita are you all right?”

“Yeah, I’m okay.”

“You all need to come with me.  I can offer protection.”  Wyatt said turning his wheelchair towards the doors of the campus center.

“How can you protect us, have you seen yourself?”  Kevin told Wyatt who shot him all of us an annoyed look.  His left eyebrow raised.

“Do not underestimate me or you could end up like that biker spirit.”  He held his hand like whe was holding a beer. A red glow emanated from his closed fist, elongating on both sides into a red glowing spear.  The spear materialized into metal and the shine

“You threw that spear?”  I asked

“Are lives aren’t going to be the same, I can feel it.”  David said

“No, I’m afraid not.  That spirit has a time control ability,  Good thing I was nearby.

“EEEEEE!!!” we all snapped our heads to the direction of the scream.  No one was by the campus center doors.

“Someone’s in trouble.”  I met to kept that too myself, but it just forced it way out.  Every fiber in my being wanted to run outside and help,  This was different, this wasn’t like nursing or teaching.  We were in a middle of our own ghost story and I was too scared to go outside.  No.  I can’t let fear stop me from helping.  I need to have faith and with that I headed towards the front doors,

“Rita, wait, Professor Wyatt just told us we’re in danger.”  David yelled and grabbed my arm.

“Yeah, and right now someone else is and they may be by themselves.”

David glanced at me and nodded.  “You’re right, but we need to make sure it’s not some sort of trap.

“We shouldn’t go.  We’re not cops or soldiers.  We should stay here and wait for help.  There is strength in numbers. “Jonathan said.

“Jonathan is right, I want to help, I do, but we need a plan.”

We all looked at Crystal.  “We don’t have time, we do have the numbers, we should go. Now.”  She said and proceeded towards the door.

“Who you going to call?”  Kevin raised his arms and followed her.  I didn’t waste anytime and followed.  David let go of his shaking arm and followed me

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