Lust, Favor of Ares: Chapter 5 (Revised) Excerpt

“Not as stupid as that.” Kevin pointed to the dance floor. A fat kid wearing a biker costume was dancing and no one else seem to be paying attention. He had on a black leather vest and tight leather pants. His face was covered with a gas mask and he also had a hook. His costume lit up with an orange glow around him. He continued dancing until he came to the top of the stairs, where two other students walked right through him.

“Did you. Did you guys see that?” I said looking at them. Everyone stood there petrified, not saying a word. The silence was my confirmation. The biker guy walked by some female students. He moved close enough that they should be able to feel him, but they did not’ react. He started with the redhead dressed as Wonder Woman. His mask was inches away from her right cheek. He lifted the mask above his nose and smelled her. I mean, really smell her, He slowly tilt his head up as he took in her scent. He then went to the green wig supergirl and repeated the process.

“Weird.” David said.

“And gross. I’m going to stop him.” Crystal said.

“What if they know him?” I asked. “ I mean they’re not reacting to him at all.”

“Jonathan has a point Crystal.” Aakash agreed with me.

The biker guy stop, as if he heard us, and turned to us. He stalked over to us and with each step the room seem to get colder. His head slanted to the right as he observed us. Looking into our souls. Even through the gas mask, you can tell he was puzzled. He clenched his hook hard as if not to lose it. He stood about 5 feet away from us.

“You. You can see me, can’t you?” his voice was cold, dry, like the air was getting. His question sounded more as a statement.

“Y-” Crystal was about to say, but David grabbed her arm.

“Wonderful.” the biker said. “More food for me and psychics at that. Raw, powerful.” he was breathing fast, but still speaking slow. His voice raising with anticipation of something. Us? Was he calling us psychics.

“Yes, you all smell…wonderful. It’s been a long time since I feasted on psychic energy, especially a knights.” He lifted his hook into his left palm. His breathing became still.

“You’re not being funny.” Crystal said, not backing down from the biker. He was about twice her size, both in girth and height.

“But he is funny looking.” Kevin said.

“Guys. It’s cold, he walked through people, and no one else seems to notice him. I don’t think we should be provoking him.” david said taking a step back.

“David’s right, look at the room.” I said. Everyone was frozen. The music had stopped.

“You don’t even know what you’re dealing with do you? “ The biker said as he started to circle us. “You mortals are pathetic.

“What do you want?” I asked.
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