Lust, Favor of Ares: Chapter 3 (Revised) Excerpt

“Did you see what that girl Bianca was wearing when she was kidnapped?  No wonder why they chose her.”

My blood boiled as I interrupted, “ What do you mean by that Dorothy?”  

“She was dressed like a whore, what did she expect?”

“I don’t know what she expected, but I know she fuckin didn’t expect to get kidnapped because she wore shorts and a tank top.”

Dorothy threw her arms up in protest, “ what are you getting worked up about?”

“People like you help legitimize rape culture.  It doesn’t matter if she was wearing a thong bikini and pasties.  No one deserves to be kidnapped, raped, or abused because of how they dress.  

“Well, tell that to the rapist and kidnappers, Crystal.  All I’m saying is they target people like her., that would never happen to me.”

I was about three seconds away from slapping her,  Maybe less with the alcohol I had in my system.  My head was already pounding, but that was before I even started drinking.  This rich snob from North Jersey was a pain in my ass.  

“Oh, why, because you dress in overpriced clothes?  Let me tell you something, they may have picked her for that reason, but don’t think just because you wear designer clothes and come from money that you can’t be a victim.”

“Fat chance Crystal,  why do you think I wanted the alcohol to be in the other two rooms?  So no one tries to do anything in my room.”

“Of course.”  I rolled my eyes so hard, they could’ve rolled out my head.  The pain was getting worse and my hair felt tight, even the hair on my skin.  Something wasn’t right.

“Get out of my way.” I pushed past Dorothy.  I couldn’t kick her out, but I sure could get away from her sheltered point of view.  I left her and the innocent looking girl by her.  The girl didn’t say anything, but stood there the entire time just observing Dorothy.  The further I got away from them, the better I felt.  

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