Lust, Favor of Ares: Chapter 2 Revised Excerpt

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“She is amazing” I said, loading my clothes into washer. “I mean, she is like my whole world.”
“David,” Rita said. “I hope you didn’t join our bible study for her.”
“No,” I paused. “Of course not. I’m trying to live my life better, Shantel being in there is a bonus. You know, she asked me to check ya’ll out last semester, but I didn’t have time.
Rita laughed, “Well David, if you feel that way about her, why don’t you ask her out?”
“I don’t know. I’m afraid she will say no.”
“David, you’re a great guy. The worse she can say is no.”
Rita was short and thick for an asian woman. She had ivory skin and jet black wavy hair that fell past her shortly past her shoulders. Her brown eyes contrasted with her skin. She was pretty, but she taken by Luis, and my heart longed for Shantel.
“You can’t be afraid, David, she’ll never know, if you don’t tell her how you feel.”
“I know, but it’s isn’t easy.” I loved that Rita was listening. For a brief movement, I felt like I could do it. Then fate walked in.
“Hey Rita, hey David.” Shantel’s voice had to be same as listening to angels sing. She had her laundry basket with her detergent resting on top. She was wearing a bright yellow short sleeve shirt that hugged her body, with blue jeans on her skinny legs. She was short, 5’1, but taller than Rita.
“Hi Shantel.” I said, which almost came out like a whisper
“Hey.” Rita said. They hugged after Shantel put down her basket.
“Did you guys like bible study tonight?” Shantel asked. Her smile was so wide and perfect. She could make me smile by smiling.
“Yeah, Curtis did a good job teaching.” Rita
“What are you doing now?” I asked.
“She’s doing her clothes.” Rita said laughing. Shantel giggled.
“I mean, I can see that.” I laughed, but inside I felt stupid. I was still trying to make small talk, even though Shantel and I were friends. In fact we met each other the first time here in the laundry room.
I looked over at Rita and she was grinning while nodding her head. She was hinting at me to tell Shantel my feelings. Of course I couldn’t do that. I’m not sure if she is even attracted to me like that.
“How’s studying going, you have a midterm coming up right?” I asked. Rita smiled and then face palmed her face.
“It’s been tough, but I’m almost done.” Can’t wait to get it over with, so Tinizi and I can try race car driving.”
“Oh,” I said, “your brother?”
“No, T is my boyfriend.”
My heart felt like someone shot me in the heart. All I knew was that she broke my heart and didn’t know. Did I wait too long, was Rita right? What do I do now?

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