Revised Chapter 1: Lust, A Favor of Ares Novel

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Here is a short excerpt of the revised, but not edited, chapter one.  You can see the 1st draft for free or become a subscriber to see the new revised chapter on my Patreon page.  You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. You can shop for upcoming merchandise on my Pintrest or RedBubble. You can also follow my art progress on DevianArt and ArtStation.

Robert Wyatt


“The autopsy reports revealed that ectoplasm was found in the rectum of the fathers, who also had their heads smashed from blunt force trauma from a large animal. The perp raped and poisoned the mothers with an unknown agent. The poor boys had ectoplasm in their throat and mouth suggesting asphyxiation from oral sex.” Miller said, while taking a bite of his steak.
“Disgusting,” I said. also eating my steak. “How long has this been going on?”
“The pattern has been going on for the last 2 months.” Miller rubbed his chin, took another bite, and looked up at me. “We haven’t found a match for the ectoplasmic sperm.”
“Meaning that it isn’t on file,” I clasp my hands together. “Ectoplasm is the residue of psychic phenomenon and the mental energy equivalent of DNA. In this case, the sperm, meaning whoever did this was two things; a psychic and a male.”
“How do you know it wasn’t a mortal with psychic abilities?” he asked me.
“You don’t remember what I’ve taught you? When mortals leave behind psychic residue it leaves a tinted color glow. Earlier, you told me that the sperm had a shaded color glow. Which means you’re dealing with a spirit.”
“I came to the same conclusion. I just wanted to see if you were still on top of your game, sir.”
Miller was a tall, bald, biracial man with African and Asian features. His breathing was loud, almost as if he had a stuffy nose. He was working undercover for Paranormal Affairs as a detective for the Willingboro Police.
“Why did Paranormal Affairs send you here for this type of crime? I know they want to keep paranormal events from the mortals, but isn’t this sort of beneath you and your division?”
“There is an increase of immigrants from the Astral Plane. I was sent here to oversee our counter-terrorism efforts, sir.”
“So, Paranormal Affairs thinks they are terrorists amongst the immigrants?” I asked taking another bite from my medium rare steak.
“They are…concerned, sir. With all these illegal immigrants entering this world, it’s becoming harder to track the movements of the the Seven Deadly Sins.”
“Frist of all Charlie, stop calling me sir, we’ve seen too much together, we’re more like brothers. Secondly, I’m sorry since…my family was murdered, I couldn’t handle the responsibility anymore.”

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