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About the Journey: Favor of Ares
For the last 8 years I’ve been writing a novel series.  I conceived the series back in college around 2002 and at the time it was going to be a comic book.  I would read a variety of “how to” books on making comics.  When I had time I would practice drawing and writing. Overwhelmed with the whole process I still had that nagging feeling in the back of my head.  
Like an addict, I had to write, draw, or somehow produce a comic book.   This is my dream.  Even when I interned for Marvel comics I was hoping someone would hear me talk about my story.  Most people seem interested.  Yet, life got in the way.  When that wasn’t the case, my laziness would occupy the other times.   If the two of them together weren’t enough, procrastination became another reason.
I read a book in 2006 by Peter David, How to Write for Comics.  I didn’t know it at the time, but Peter David was the writer of some of my favorite comic book series over the years.  I loved his first run on X-Factor, Young Justice, and even Captain Marvel.  His book inspired me and made me realize why the task of making a comic is akin to climbing a mountain.  I was doing way too much. 
In my head I was going to compete with Marvel and DC, but I had to learn that I can’t make a whole universe.  I needed to start small.  I needed to focus on one task.  I couldn’t afford Photoshop, so coloring was out of the picture.  I didn’t even understand the complexity of lettering design, so that was out.  I tried inking and it’s not my strong suit.  That left writing and drawing, to which the former has always been the stronger of the two.
I deployed to Iraq in 2008 and in my downtime I began writing the series.  CSI and X-men served as my inspiration. Making Favor of Ares a police procedural with superhuman detectives.  Inspiration for the characters came from the roles of The Mighty Ducks, CSI, and my friends. The tragedy Jennifer Hudson went through in 2009 served as the crime subject of the novel.  
By 2009 I had a five issue, each issue 22 pages, miniseries named Scalet Knights: Eve of Destruction.  I had written the series in full script and even paid for a copyright.  I began my search for an artist, finally putting my ego aside.  Over the next two years I couldn’t find a suitable creative team.  I decided during that time to take a friend’s advice and adapt the comic book series into a novel.  I worked on a prequel novel, Lust. Then decided to make it the first book of the series and adapted Eve of Destruction into book 2, Gluttony.   Each book will deal with a crime that revolves around the title.  
Now, here we are, four years after finishing the rough drafts. My passion, refueled by independent comics, I began working on improving my skills. I’ve taken graphic design classes.  I have Photoshop, I understand letting and inking more.  Even with procrastination, laziness, and life getting in the way I manage to stick with it.  
Join me as I go through the process of “Blogging my Book” in the next 30 days.  With the help of two my resources “How to Blog a Book” and “Book in a Month.”  For the art,  I’m focusing on publishing the novel.  What about the comic?  I’m not worried about that now. To appease the artist in me, I will be making an illustrated edition of the novel. The idea came from the Harry Potter series and Game of Thorns.  Prose with illustrations included in some chapters.  My art style that I’m going for is an infusion of anime/manga mixed with Bruce Timm’s animated style.
The best part, you get to follow me and become my sounding board.  I will posting old chapters and revised chapters, concept art on my Patreon.  I will post blogs about those updates and a “trailer” of revised chapters on my webpage.  You can support me on Patreon!  Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube!
Hope you join me as I push to publish Favor of Ares, because, it’s time!

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