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Hey guys,

Favor of Ares: So, I’m having trouble deciding how I want to blog about my book series.  Should I tell you (the audience) what I’m going to do or tell you after I’m done?  I’ve seen it both ways and tried to do both.  I don’t have a particular affinity for either.

On a positive note, I finally created a new logo for the series.  I’ve already using it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Patreon.  I’m really liking it and can’t wait to see it on the novel covers.

I’m going back to basics.  I will redesigning the series in the month of October using all the positive and negative feedback.  I’m only going to focus on novel, but I will try to do a webcomic on my webpage.

If you like the movie Ghost, the series is essentially the same, but different in that psychics can be either human or ghost.  The motif of the series is still based on Greek Mythology.  The cast is still large with 9 main characters, but I found a way to give everyone an equal voice and tell a linear story without too much distraction.

Journalism:  I know some of you are wondering why was I covering the Board of Trustees meeting at RCBC.  I’m in a journalism class and we had to live tweet that particular event.  However, if you notice a week before,  I was live tweeting the Eagles vs Redskins game while watching it on TV.

Today I wrote a small piece about Dwayne Wade being bought out of his contract by the Chicago Bulls.

Still don’t have a clever signing off, so until I do, I will see you next Sunday or maybe tomorrow.


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