It’s Been Awhile


I know, I know, I haven’t posted since I created the site. I’ve ben busy with my career and reworking the concepts in my book Favor of Ares. Starting in mid-July I will be more active on here and my Patreon. So, what’s new?

I now have a Patreon page now. This site allows others to support me on a monthly basis. I don’t ask for much, the highest tier is $20 and comes with some pretty cool prizes. The money will be used to help me fund my writing and graphic design careers.

I will be doing more graphic design work, not related to my book projects. One, so that I can gain more freelance work. Secondly, I have my portfolio class coming up this semester and I need work to “redo.” I’m also on Artstation.

Favor of Ares is coming along. I’m starting to become more active on Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter in order to market the book and upcoming book series.

I’ve also prating my digital painting and repainted to concept art pieces that were illustrated by a friend of mine, Latesha Bell. They are now available as t-shirts.

Again, my Pinterest is active and I will be pinning stuff for my classroom and my interests far as graphic design. I also have a board that has pins to merchandise from my RedBubble and Teepublic stores.

Youtube will be a video journal that acompanies this blog and will have my thoughts on various subjects such as writing, motivation, and graphic design. Plus some fun channels such as WWE livecast and my P90X journal.

I will be writing a new chapter for the novel Lust and to see the original draft and the new draft, check out my Patreon, which you can unlock for $5.

I’m also going to be active on I will be doing book cover designs and flatting pages of comic books.

I have a new book series I’m developing which will cater to children. The working name is Masters of the Lamp. Blood by Blood will become more of a Sci-Fi/Horror genre book. Both Favor of Ares and True Victory series will be influence by Christian Fiction, but FoA will be the darker of the two.

That’s it for now, I thank you all who are still following me on here, Facebook, and Twitter.

Until next time,

Terrio Jenkins

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