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Alright, so I spent the past week implementing some of my resolutions for the year.  Nothing big, most of them the same as most.  To eat better and exercise more.  In short take better care of this body.   I also wanted to stay on a consistent schedule with my writing and drawing.  Which is hard due to my new job, trying to keep family and friend obligations, and preparing for my final semester.

Tonight, I decided to do some physical changes to see if these products work.  For starters, I’m trying a new toothpaste and mouthwash, Colgate’s Optic White.  The toothpaste is advertise to work in a week if I brush twice a day.  The mouthwash is suppose to work in 5 days along with the toothpaste and their Optic White toothbrush, the latter of which I didn’t purchase.

I’m going back to the wavy look as far as my hair is concerned.  I’m tired of cutting my hair.   I brought a new brush, made specifically for waves, and a new wave gel.

Tomorrow morning, I’m starting Cize with my girlfriend.  I know as much as I want to complete P90X, that cardio is what I like to do.  With this, I’ll be learning to dance and losing weight.  Not that I need to lose weight, but I would like to go back to 155lbs.  I don’t know when I’m going to work on P90X, maybe in the evening.  We’ll see.

I’m back to reading Tony Dungy’s Uncommon Life in order to balance my spiritual life along with the physical.  I’m slacking in my prayer life and bible study, so this will be a nice reminder to do both.

I found a new source to study for my English Praxis exam.  Not that I need too, but I think this will help me be a better language arts teacher and help me with my writing career.  I’m still trying to find an art Praxis book and of course, time to read.

We will see how these changes work this week.  I hope you all are keeping, or at least, trying to keep your resolutions.  Never give up, a little progress, is still progress.

See ya next week.

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