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I know it’s been awhile since any of my WordPress followers have heard from me, in fact, I believe the last update I did for this particular blog was back in January. Since then, I have redesign the covers for the Favor of Ares series, and bought a domain. This blog is now officially http://www.terryajenkins.com.

Why should you be excited? Well, I was running four different blogs. This one was my personal blog. Favor of Ares, True Victory, and Blood Matters (now Blood by Blood), each had their own blog pages. However, more people follow my main blog, thus I figure why not make this blog, the main page for all of them.

That’s right, all updates for each book series will be done here. Don’t worry Twitter and Facebook friends! I’ve already changed the settings, so what I post here, will get to all of you.

Now for the updates:

-I will FINALLY start editing and revising the first draft. The 1st draft had too may concepts. I’m also splitting up chapter 1 into 9 chapters to introduce the characters. The mystery case has also changed and I’m ensuring that the pace continues as a thriller.
-Here is the latest cover designs. This is my third concept. I did the photography and design for both.

-I started to come up with art concepts for the OEL light novel adaptation.

-I’m started writing a revised outline for Gluttony.

I’m working on the outline for Genesis (True Victory Series #1)

The Blood by Blood series is still in development.

I also started developing a children series.  The working name for it is, Knights of the Rings.


That’s it for now, please stay tune !


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