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So, I’m still trying to get use to writing and blogging everyday.  I believe I left off with Day 4, so for Day 5(Friday), 6(Saturday), and 7(Sunday):


Spiritually: I didn’t read today and my prayer wasn’t focused.  Helped my  friend move some of their belongings.

Physicallly: Suppose to do crossfit, but I just focused on Back, Core, Chest, Arms, and Legs.  Stretch for 5 mins. 5 min of Cardio.

Mentally: I tried to finish the basic web design, but didn’t.

Friday was an off day, not really lazy, just off.


Spiritually: well after dropping my friend/roommate/ex, I started thinking about my ex-wife as well, and began to become very emotional, to the point of calling myself a failure.  Which is how I feel, I know she told me she would never forgive me, and I understand where she is coming from.  I accepted my role in the failure of the marriage, and I also started to think about how I feel I’m a failure in general. She deserves to be happy, and I don’t think that would of happen with me.  Same thing for my other relationships afterward.  Which is why I have to take some more time to get to know myself and improve in other areas of my life.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love my ex-wife, but I have to move on, and learn from my mistakes and continue to pray for her, our friends, etc.  I prayed that day, and I felt better, because I know God doesn’t see me as a failure and he’ working within me to be a better individual.  I still believe I’m ready to date, but I’m not at the point where I can enter anything “serious.”  I was able to, with God’s help, to get myself together and go out with a high school buddy of mine and his girlfriend, to celebrate her birthday.  I had a good time and went home, comfortable with myself.

Physically: Saturday is suppose to be a cardio/jogging day.  I couldn’t get up to it, for the reasons above, so I ended up doing 50 jumping jacks.  I also decided that Saturdays would be the day to get a massage to relax my muscles from the week of working out.  I enjoyed the massage, it definitely helped me a lot, physically, mentally, and spiritually, because this is when I was talking to God.  I also kept to my haircut schedule, but for some reason my dandruff has returned.  I guess I need to buy another shampoo product.  So, I ended up getting my hair washed at the salon, and that had to be the best feeling in the world.  I think I might add that to my grooming cycle, to get my hair professionally washed every two weeks, in addition to doing it on my own.

Mentally: I decided to do, two chapters a day, to catch up on my schedule.  In fact, I’m going to work on the characters Act II and Act III chapters, because each character has a subplot, that affects the main plot.  For instance, Ares chapters are when the Scarlet Knights come together to go over the facts, which serves as a reminder for the reader and show’s team interaction together, as well as reveal more about Ares himself.   I bought a Photoshop CS6 for dummies, adding it to my graphic design collection,  I have a lot of reading materials now, heading into the Fall semester.  I’m excited, but scared, I still don’t think I have what it takes, but at least I’ll be learning something new.


Spiritually: Too much of a hangover to go to church, but I did watch it on my computer.  The sermon was about, how we can’t just give up, when God called us to do something.  The sermon made me realize, that I’m one of those people, who does a million things, but hardly accomplishes anything.  I guess that is why, I liked being in the military, it was easy, but my heart wasn’t into it the last couple of years, other than trying to get promoted and socializing.  Things happen for a reason and I believe God is telling me, that I belong in the creative fields.  That is why I’m sticking to writing my novel, getting it publish, becoming a graphic designer, and learning the business side of the corporate world.  All my experiences give me a strong background, if I complete my schooling.  I need to stop worrying about everyone else, and do what I believe he has called me to do.  That means, putting God first in all I do.   Letting go of the past, focus on the present, and even though I’m not entirely happy, I believe I’m getting there.

Physically: REST DAY!!!!! I was going to do some Yoga and stretches, but nope.  No fast food today either, just my veggie blend, flavored water, watermelon, and homemade food.  I feel a little more limber after stretching consistently for a week.  I’m going to increase it from 5 mins to 10 mins.  The cardio part of my workout, I’m keeping the same.  The  “Spider-man” part of my workout (toning chest, back, core, arms, and legs) will stay around 5-10, but I might increase my weight to 20 or 25lbs.  The P90X focus of my workout, I’m going to remove Ab and work, since my spiderman part covers that.  That means Mondays: chest day, Tuesday: leg, Wednesday: arms and shoulder, Thursday: yoga, Friday: leg day.

Mentally: Rest day, even though I was suppose to work on Theo’s chapters.  I did more researching on some of the elements of the book.


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