New Day, New Me 4 (Thursday, May 28, 2015)

Today I read John chapter 4, but I failed with not biting my nails.  I will get better though.  Today, I prayed for the usual, but I realize that, maybe, I need to change focus.  I have to let go and let God deal with the people I wronged and those, who have hurt me.  If I can’t do that, I can’t move on.

My roommate is moving away, I’m going to miss her, and I pray everything goes well for her.  I helped my mom with her flower bed, and it was fun.  I’m learning to enjoy the small moments with family.

Physically: today was an all around yoga day with no cardio.

Stretch: 5 min (shoulders, triceps, chest, core, back, quads)

Yoga: 20 min

I continue to go over my Vitamin A and C, but I’m not getting enough Iron.  My sodium intake was 100mg over, which is good, compared to the rest of my week.

I feel like I see my body toning, right up, and according to my research you could see results in a week.  Since I wasn’t out of shape, maybe what I’m seeing, is true.  I even feel more limber.


I finish watching the web design basics video.  Using layers, like in the book I’m reading. and I didn’t do any writing or editing today.   Tomorrow and Saturday, I plan to catch up with my graphic design reading, editing, and coming up with a schedule to learn Web design, print design, and lettering design.  I was thinking that during my Summer, I should work on my Master’s degree, and during the school year work on my Associates in Graphic Design.  This would open more doors for me as a teacher, if I could get the Teacher of Art, Technology, and Business certifications.  Maybe, I could work on my Masters and learn graphic design on my own, but I still want to have credentials displaying where my skill set is.

I completed a concept sketch of Theo using scythe based aura.

I had a teaching moment today.  One of my students is struggling with regrouping with subtraction.  Today, I was going to go back and start with subtraction without regrouping, but knowing he likes superheroes, I used Batman to help him.  I explained that the ones place on top is Batman, and the ones place on the bottom is how strong one bad guy is, for example Batman could be a 0 and Joker could be a three.  In this case Batman needs help, and calls for help of one person from the tens place.  The number in the tens place, is how many people in the bat cave.  Only one person leaves the bat cave to help Batman, while the rest stay.  Then, to show me the fight, he makes dots representing Batman and his friend.  Next, he shows me the fight in which Joker hits Batman/friend 3 times. Then he tells me that Batman & friend beat Joker by 7.  He started having fun with it, after being frustrated yesterday!  #proud

Well it’s almost midnight, I have to drink my lemon water and shower.  See ya tomorrow

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