New Day, New Me Day 3

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Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday.


Exercise: Today focus is plyometrics.

Stretch: 5 mins (shoulders, triceps, chest, abs, back, quads)

Cardio: 5 mins (jog in place, squat jacks, knee ups, buttkickers, mountain climber pulls, squat knee ups, floor jumps, skijumps, shuffle punches, and jump rope)  Two years ago, doing this workout, and jogging on Saturdays, helped me boost my endurance in about two weeks.  Not sure, if I was doing it everyday, in fact, I’m pretty sure I was alternating with Arms.

Toned focus:10 minutes Plyometerics (jump training), Back(plank jacks, planks are great for your abs and back, I noticed a change in my back strength, two years ago.), Chest (mountain climber hops), Core(pile squat hops), Legs(jumping jacks), and Arms(burpees).  Three sets of five.  This routine is from Men’s Health magazine for those of us, who want a toned body.

P90 focus: Even though I don’t  have the series, today is also plyometric day.  I was going to do another set of Cardio, but I was tired and pressed for time.

Nutrition: Today, was an epic fail.  One calcium/magnesium/vitamin d pill, instead of three, I don’t know why I have a problem swallowing pills.  I’m going to have to get powdered forms to ensure I get my calcium.  I did eat my Omega 3, Vitamin D, and multivitamin chews.

Dunkin Doughnuts: Delux grill cheese with bacon and medium sweet tea

McDonalds: two mcchickens and large ice tea

Wendys: two six piece nuggets, chicken sandwich, chocolate frosty, large fries

My sodium intake was around 6,000; 4,000 mg over my limit.  I did hit protein and calcium goals.  I also ingested more iron today than usual, but I’m not trying to have a heart attack, so better alternatives tomorrow (which is today).


Bible reading: John 2, Jesus and John the Baptist.  Reading the New Testament is a fresh alternative, whenever I try to increase my spiritual life, I always begin with the Old Testament.  Reading can be overwhelming, but it is necessary to keep in the bible, for my spiritual walk.

Teaching today was awesome, my students learned about linking verbs, and it’s the first time, where I believe my approach worked.

I talked to my boy Mez about going out for his birthday, but he had plans.


Graphic Design: Today during lunch, I watch Roberto Blake’s video on “how to become a web designer in 2015.”  This is one of the disciplines, I want to learn.  He suggested books, which I’ll buy on Friday, but in the mean time, I will be learning from the websites he gave out, such as web monkey.com.

Favor of Ares: worked on the character profile of Hades and Persephone.  I had to reschedule my production schedule, I have to start editing two chapters a day again.  It’s so hard to stay focus with all the work involved, so I’m looking for an artist for the character designs.

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