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I continue to pursue Graphic Design, publish my book, and be a better educator.  Today I started strength training, going back to the program, that helped me get in shape two years ago.  Spiritually, I’m back to praying and reading my bible.


Read John 1
Prayer for focus, forgiveness from others, protection for others, especially those I may have hurt and those who hurt me.  I struggle with forgiving myself, and I want to be be forgiven by others, but I have to keep moving forward and understand, that I may never be forgiven, and there’s nothing I can do about it.  I can’t wait to join our church Millenium’s ministry, so I can be amongst people my age and grow spiritually.
Day 2 of not biting my nails.
Physically: Strength Training lean, Chest and Back focus (Ill add in exercises tomorrow)
Stretch: 5 mins (shoulders, triceps, chest, abs, quads, back) improving flexibility, Change should happen in a week.
Cardio: 5 mins (jog in place, squat jacks, knee ups, buttkickers, mountain climber pulls, squat knee ups, floor jumps, ski-jumps, shuffle punches, jump rope)  30 secs each (minimum 15 reps), improve endurance, jumping, bigger calves/quads.
Strength Training for leanness: 5 mins (2 sets of 5 , 10reps) this is a Men’s Health Spider-man body workout, focus on becoming toned through strength training.Chest(chest fly), Back (bent over row), Core (weighted crunch), Legs (squats), Arms (overhead press)
Chest, Back, and Abs: 10 minutes (muscle failure/15lbs) strength training, building muscle.
Chest focused exercises:  Chest fly, Chest press, pushup, dips 2 sets of 5 (10 reps each) for 40 plus10=50 chest reps
Abs:  30 Normal Crunch, 10 Right oblique crunch, 10 left oblique crunch, 10 reverse crunch, 50 crunches plus Core(10)=60 ab
Back: bent over row from strength training: 10 reps.
I plan on doing cardio everyday (basketball, track, soccer we ran everyday, so why not?”  I’m still trying to dunk.
25 minutes
It was Memorial Day, so nothing healthy at all, lol.  I did drink my veggie blend juice from V8 and watermelon, so I got my vitamin c in.  The workout was awesome.  I think I have to move to 20lbs, 15 was a workout, but my recovery was too fast, and now it feels like I didn’t even workout.  I want to feel general soreness.  Now I have to go drink my lemon water, so I can detox.  Go Warriors! #NBA.  Grooming wise I used lemon water on my face to help get rid of wrinkles and teeth to help whiten them.  In addition I used a whitening mouthwash (from the dollar store, not expecting too much change), brushed, and rinse with CrestProHealth to strengthen my tooth sensitivity. Feeling good about my body and my appearance.  If I would of done this years ago, maybe I would of been different.
Favor of Ares:
Marketing: highest hit on Facebook and WordPress
Bought proofs for novel and light novel
Graphic Design
Layer basics: Day 1
Introduction to layer
Multiple Layers: combining layers from several images to build.  It was pretty cool learning to combine multiple layers.  At first, I was using myself and Halle Berry, but I also added Jessica Alba to the mix.  After going through the procedures and using the eraser tool to blend, it made more sense to cut me out.  The resulting picture is one that almost looks real.  Not tooted for my first project.  I used photoshop before for different effects.  Like turning my friend, Leah, one piece cream dress, into a two piece outfit, with a red top, and a black skirt.  In high school I cut and paste, erase the background, of me and my crush.  I’m very excited about learning layers, because this is a photoshop skill, and from the book, one of the most important.
  1. How to be a graphic designer, without losing your soul/Chapter  Professional skills: time management, research, strategy, presentation skills, writing skills.
    1. This is a good book so far, I only made it up to strategy, because I’m getting sleepy.  I’m glad I have most of these skills and look to improve them.

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