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Hey, I’m sorry I haven’t blogged on my main site. Dealing with my insurance company to replace my car, trying to find a way to advance my career, and keeping up with my resolutions has taken up a lot of my time.

Mental Dimension
For those of you following my Favor of Ares series, you know that I now have an editor. Brian Kaufman thinks the story is pretty good so far, after reading chapter 1. My cartooning is getting better and I’m trying to do two drawings a day. One, a cartooning study using Christopher Hart’s Modern Cartooning. The second drawing is for Favor of Ares.

I realized that I’m an artist, who is good at writing, so I’ve been looking for options to best use and develops those skills. My alma mater Fairleigh Dickinson has an online Creative Writing program. One for writers and the other for educators. I’m already accepted so the educator one should be automatic. The MFA program requires a residency in England and is more expensive. That program also requires admission by your writing samples. I’m giving it a shot, but if I don’t get in the MFA program, then it’s the MA program. I’m excited about getting more serious about my writing. Especially since getting good marks with the second draft. I’m trying to learn more about art and trying to pick up Japanese and Spanish.

Physical dimension
I’m still working out, but not as hard or consistent as I should be. I’m going to try out Daily Burn for the free 30 days. I want a better beach body and to be healthier. Speaking of which, I now have health insurance, so maybe now I can do something about my anxiety attacks and finally submit to the fact I need glasses. I’m growing out my beard and trying to get waves in my hair. Two different and drastic styles for me, since I do of like taking care of my hair. Getting used to all the time I have to invest and hope I see results soon.

Spiritual dimensional
I’m praying every morning and reading the bible. I decided to read only one chapter a day, so that I can maintain my resolution. My faith is growing, but not as big as I want it to be. Baby steps, I have to tell myself. I can’t wait to start back with volunteering with the Food Bank ministry again. I’m in a better place in my life and I know my spiritual gift is mercy, so it’s fits.

Financial dimension
I’m not going crazy about paying off my credit cards. I’m going to focus on one each year. Baby steps. A better job will help or at least a second one. I know I have to get a cheaper car this time around, thinking about the Chevy Cruze or Malibu. Moving out my apartment too. This year is all about rebuilding.


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