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Aw. Cartooning. I realized that my strength is in drawing as an artist. Everyday my skills get better and my confidence is growing. Yesterday I decided to take a break from learning manga and focus on traditional drawing and cartooning. Being a Computer Animation major in college was the happiest time I had in college. My drawing professor said I had decent skills to be a draftsmen and suggested I try an animation course. I took classical animation and our animation professor praised my artwork. Unfortunately the computer animation classes were intimidating and I didn’t have time to focus on it. I scored an B plus in computer animation I and Independent study in Computer Animation.

Listening to my music while drawing with charcoals relaxed my nerves. The world problems no longer seem important as I lost myself in illustrating the human body from a variety of nude models. Learning to use the roughness of charcoals which I wasn’t used too. Figuring out the mysteries of the human body made me realize that drawing is similar to putting together a puzzle.

Over the years I doubted my ability. I never felt like my art was progressing. I even had some people say my art was bad. However I had more supporters than doubters. I just didn’t have the confidence that they had in me. The same goes for my creative writing.

The support I have for my Favor of Ares project has boosted my confidence and seeing my progress using the manga style of art is amazing. It’s like the lightbulb clicked on and I’m learning what I really love. Comic books, cartoons, manga, and anime which I’ve studied and I’m glad I’m coming into my own. I’m shaking off the fear of rejection and accepted that I am artist and writer. My education hasn’t been wasted and I’m excited about being a freelance artist and writer. I intern for Marvel and studied under an internationally acclaimed animator. I may not financially successful, but I won’t know if I don’t try.

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