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Some peoe will laugh at me and call me a cheapskate. Others will understand my plight. I started to organized one bedroom apartment that I share with a friend. Going into the new year I reduced the clutter, rearrange my living room, and my bookshelf. The problem? All the small moving boxes that I want to keep in case I move again.

I also needed or wanted a nightstand, another bookshelf for my graphic novels, the a tv stand for my phone bedroom, and a place for my printer. My solution? I used the moving boxes. Stacking two together with the enclosed space facing outward created shelves. Then using old placemats and tablecloths as decorations I now had a decent side table to store my manuscripts, art supplies, writing equipment, and my printer located right next to my desk in the bedroom which is now my office to do my writing and drawing.

I need to find a red tablecloth for the tv stand which so far is holding the tv. More than likely I will be buying something to support the weight some more.

In the living room my far end table is hidden, except the surface which holds my plant of course. Nested on each side of this end table are single boxes I fashioned into bookshelves for my graphic novels. Thus easy access and out of sight.

Again I know most would. Call me a heap, but I’m on a limited budget and why spend so much money on items I can make myself? I love being creative and not only am I organized, but I’m proud of what I made.



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