Wellness Journal Day 1 ????

Today I started to focus on my health. Not just physically, but mentally, spiritually, and financially. I have succeeded in variety of ways in each, well, except financially. I’m still broke and struggling, but hey my faith is keeping me going. There are many things that I want to work on and by the New Year I already will be in the process of keeping those changes. The research on changing bad habits takes around 40 days.

Physically: I ran a mile today using MapMyRun. No timed interval, just a regular running day that I took lightly. I need to figure out how I’m going to run when it snows and what time of day.

The goals are the same: increase flexibility, stronger core, stronger arms, and jump higher. I also need to start reading about basketball, soccer, and track to become a better coach. I would like to join an adult soccer and basketball league.

I learn this year that I like boxing and muay thai. Both of my trainers said I picked it up quicker than most novices. Pretty funny actually if I had stayed with them I could be fighting as an amateur. I really miss doing both and can’t wait to get my finances in order to do both of them again. Here’s looking at you UFC gym.

Mentally: I don’t know if teaching is going to work out. If not I have learned that I’m a writer and love to create. I’m learning about reading, language, and writing. I discovered the Japanese light novel, also called ranges, and they have inspired my writing and drawing. The funny thing about that is it also made me want to learn Japanese as the books I want to read aren’t offered in English. Hey I already watch anime with English subtitles. I’m going to learn Spanish as well and become a translator. So even if teaching doesn’t work out I have creative options.

I plan on releasing my books this year. Lust and Gluttony of the Favor of Ares series. I will finish the rough drafts of Blood Matters: Pilgrims and True Victory: Genesis. Hopefully in time to vend at comic book and anime conventions. I set up plenty of sites for each project for marketing. I even made t-shirts this year with two of my characters.

I already have my Elementary Teacher certification and Students with Disabiltiies.

Goals: Pass the Middle School English Language Arts Praxis, Art: Content Knowledge Praxis, and to learn Spanish and Japanese. Publish and market Favor of Ares, Blood Matters, and True Victory.

Spiritually: 2013 I attended church regularly, went to divorce recovery bible studies, read my devotionals everyday, and volunteer at my church’s food bank ministry. 2014….not so much. I fell off and life was rough, but my faith has been higher than ever before. That is why I was able to let go of many things I hold dear. I still haven’t forgiven myself for the mistakes I made, but I’m getting there and 2015 will be better now that all the chapters have been closed. I know some people still wish me ill will, but there is nothing I can do to change the past. I learn I wasn’t happy with nor like myself. That is going to be the biggest change in 2015. I can’t take care of others if I don’t take care of myself. I really hope those I hurt forgive me, but I did what I could do apologize and seek forgiveness. I also learned to forgive those who hurt me wether they realize it or not. I let the best things in my life slip out of my hands. I was arrogant, egotistical, and selfish because I allowed myself to be resentful. Never again. Lessons learn and although I regret my actions I have to press forward.

Goals: everything I did in 2013. I want to start a prayer journal and go on mission trips.

Financially: well all my bills are mostly current going into the new year. At least the ones that affect my credit. No more repossessions and phone calls. I have to get better with discipline and look for other opportunities. Student loans are paid off and two of my credit cards are as well.

Goals: pay off another credit card and reduce the balances of the other two. Start looking for other opportunities besides teaching. Investments and savings account.

Recap: today’s accomplishments
Physical: ran one mile
Mentally: created websites for book series
Spiritually: prayed and read email bible verse
Financially: created a fiverr account

3 Comments on “Wellness Journal Day 1 ????

  1. You’ll have to let us know how well your time on Fiverr goes. Another one you might want to consider if you’ve not already done so is http://www.elance.com. I find it has a better range, but there’s a pretty strong sense of competition on there.

    Congratulations on starting the running. When I first started running I remember a mile feeling like an eternity. Now, I generally do between 30-60 minutes of running in one go. Sometimes I go for about 2 hours if I feel like it. I’ve still got a big ol’ belly that needs to be fixed!

    Best of luck with your health – and what a good time to write this post… We’re close to the new year ;)! On new years eve, we’re going to write a post each about what we’re planning to do/looking forward to for the year ahead… Perhaps it’d be good for you to write one too? 🙂

    • Well I reactivated two of my gigs of which I only had one customer and that was two years ago. I’m going to add gigs for drawing. Thanks for the link, I will check it out. I havent’ been posting my workouts on here, but my apps that I use tweet to my Twitter page (as does my WordPress posts). This week a 17 year old girl crashed into me while making a right hand turn. I’m alright, but I’ve been lazy since it happen two days ago. Going to start back up tomorrow.

      • Ouch, I am glad you have taken it easy, no matter if you’re alright or not. Rushing back into things never helps 🙁

        Rock on with them workouts, keep it going with them gigs: we’re rooting for ya!

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