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For the past week I set up multiple pages for my three book series: Favor of Ares, True Victory, and Blood Matters.  Each page has a WordPress blog where I will be posting art, chapters from each book, and general news.  From there the posts will be shared on their individual Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter pages.  I’m excited and hope I gain enough of a following as I prepare to self-publish book one of Favor of Ares, Lust.    I have five followers on my personal blog (which you are reading).

I like the fact that now I have to write a blog everyday.  Even if its’ just to post a piece of art.   I get a little overwhelm since I’m doing the writing, editing, revising, drawing, and now website designing, and marketing.   I was so close to releasing Lust back in September.  Even going so far as to work with a liaison  from Barnes&Noble for a book release party.  I found holes in the story and had my friend Christopher Bretz, a classical novel reader look over it.  Now I’m in my third revision after finalizing the concepts and working on the character’s personalities more.  Another friend of mine, James Winston, reread Lust and likes it.

My artwork is getting better.  Learning how to draw manga style is very rewarding after trying for so many years.  Now I feel as if my mind and hand are finally working together to put down what I see in my head.  It helps now that I realize there is a difference between manga art and anime art.  Manga is much more simpler than anime art.  Even though my background is in animation, I like the simplicity of manga.  If I keep practicing I can see myself doing well.   In fact thats why I decided to sell my projects as novels and ranobes.

Ranobes are also called Japanese light novels are the equivalent of a novella here in America.  About 50,000 words and has pages of manga art both colored and traditional black & white.   I’m glad I found this form of media because it allows me to use my own artwork along with my writing.  This also help me focus on a target audience, which as of now is young adults 14-18.

I’m trying to follow the steps of Kawahara Reki of the Sword Art Online series.  He wrote most of his novels online and gained a following.  Submitting his novel to a contest and soon found himself with his series being marketed, adapted into an anime, manga(Japanese comic), and video games.

I also made shirts with two of my characters for marketing as well.  The goal is to be a vendor at upcoming conventions and I wanted to have more to offer.

Now I have to work on getting a business licensee and other paperwork.  I’m glad you have decided to follow me as I continue to work towards publishing my first book and hope you enjoy the ride.  I don’t think it will sell, but I’m just excited about finally doing something I always wanted to do.  Good or bad.  This is my hobby and my passion.


Merry Christmas and hope to hear from you


Terrio Jenkins

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